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The school community - students, staff and friends - gathered around the castle playground at the farewell celebration
A group of boys posing with a bicycle for their service learning project
Two students turning over their shoulder to smile for a photo as they paint a colorful rainbow for a mural
Two students posing arm and arm for a photo with the Wickliffe swings in the background
A teacher leading a song in a town hall meeting


Welcome to Wickliffe - the strength of the wolf comes from the pack!

Every Student,
Every Step of the Way

Since 1972, Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School has offered the alternative progressive / informal program to Upper Arlington elementary students. Our daily teaching practices continue to be guided by the Ten Foundational Principles of Progressive Education, which put an emphasis on community, civility and compassion. 

Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School

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A teacher gathered with her class around the wolf statue and kindness rocks installation outside the school door

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Uniquely Accomplished

Academic Program

Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School's progressive / informal program is rooted in the Ten Foundational Principles of Progressive Education, creating a positive space for students to experience the joy and wonder of learning.

Elementary Explorations

Our innovative Elementary Explorations program excites and engages K-5 students districtwide in cross-curricular projects that include topics on STEM, art and design, robotics, literacy and well-being.

Network of Support

Our elementary school counselors collaboratively work with teachers, support staff, administrators and families to support the needs of all students and help them become successful lifelong learners and problem solvers.

Environment for Learning

Part of the first phase of our community-developed master plan, the new learning spaces at Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School are supporting our students as they develop the skills needed to serve, lead and succeed.